Areterix Joins Forces With Odoo To Drive Industry 4.0 Digital Transformation!

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Areterix has always excelled in pushing the boundaries of innovation to provide solutions that aid businesses in their digital transformation. Odoo is a global leader in developing complex ERP systems for businesses. It is a complete business application suite that includes sales, CRM, project management, warehouse management, manufacturing, financial management, human resources, point of sale, purchasing, events, help desk, eCommerce, and more. Odoo is the world’s most popular open-source ERP system for small, medium, and big businesses. Odoo serves more than 5 million users worldwide and has partners in every country with its vast array of business-related apps. Odoo is a platform that adjusts itself with technology upgrades, so users or the enormous Odoo community worldwide will never miss a technology update. One of the most significant benefits of utilizing Odoo is that you will have total control over the design and development of your software that may serve as an ideal solution for your needs. ERP solution serves its application in different domains and industries like retail, manufacturing, hospitality, automobile, logistics, and many more. Areterix started to provide ERP solutions in top-notch automobile industry distributors. Odoo’s business aim is to align with Areterix in which we help businesses save time, reduce cost and increase business efficiency. The partnership with Odoo is a strategic move of Areterix to address market demands in the rapidly changing market.
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