Manufacturing Unit Workshop

manufacturing plant or a production plant is an industrial site, often a complex consisting of several buildings filled with machinery, where workers manufacture items or operate machines that process each item into another. The workshop is the core of learning about different Materials, equipment, tools and manufacturing practices that are observed in different manufacturing functions and operations. Workshop is also of prime importance when you want to gather about the practical knowledge



The Service Managers require strong technical knowledge.  Service managers must have extensive practical experience in vehicle servicing and repairs, together with experience in supervising technicians and dealing with customers.


Excellent communication skills are important to service managers. They must be able to interpret customers’ descriptions of their vehicle problems and translate those into clear instructions for service technicians. Service managers require good diagnostic skills to identify service requirements and assess the work of technicians. They also require excellent customer service skills to deal with any customer concerns or complaints.


Service managers are responsible for recruiting a team of technicians with the skills and qualifications to carry out the type of servicing and repairs offered by the auto shop. They supervise technicians’ performance and arrange training programs to keep the team’s skills up to date. Managers prepare schedules and plan staff duty rotations to ensure that servicing and repairs are completed as quickly as possible. They also select equipment, such as diagnostic tools, that will improve quality and productivity in the service department.


Service managers must ensure the highest levels of customer satisfaction so that owners continue to return to the shop for future work. Repeat business is vital to building long-term revenue and profitability. Service managers must identify aspects of the business that affect customer satisfaction, such as opening times, availability of courtesy vehicles or the collection and delivery services, the accuracy of costs, and quality of work. They must ensure that all members of the team understand the importance of customer satisfaction and develop training programs to improve customer service standards.


Vehicle Management

Manufacturing Workshop Management Software is required to manage the vehicle information. It should maintain details pertaining to the vehicle like a model, color, insurance, COE, and past records.

Task & Service Records

Manufacturing Workshop Management Software should be able to maintain the past service records of the vehicle. It should also be able to edit updates and search for tasks as well as update the services that are pending.

Work Scheduler

Manufacturing Workshop Management should help in assigning tasks to the mechanics and schedule their work accordingly.


Manufacturing Workshop management Software should help in Managing the customer. It should be able to add edit and manage customer profiles, records, order history to improve customer relationship

Inventory Control

A Manufacturing Workshop Management Software should be able to keep a track of the stock. It enables you to plan your purchases effectively.

Invoice Management

Completed services are to be converted to Invoices billings automatically. The software streamlines the whole process and helps ensure records always meet the required standard.