Why Open-Source ERP Suite the best system for Manufacturing Industry ?

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Open-source ERP refers to the software system whose source code is available in the public domain for general purposes. Here, developers can use the software code and configure it to match the diverse business needs. Open-source ERP development is best suited for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) that do not want to overspend on the ERP infrastructure.


An open-source, modern cloud manufacturing ERP software simplifies the production cycle, helps track material consumption, exhibits capacity planning handles subcontracting, and more!

  • Total control over your production : Areterix’s customer relationship management (CRM), sales orders, inventory, SCM, purchasing, accounting, and financial reporting make real-time coordination easier across all your business verticals.
  • Bill of material (BOM) : A bill of material is at the heart of any cloud manufacturing software. A well-defined BOM ensures robustness, accuracy, and efficiency. Areterix’s BOM is hierarchical, with the finished product at the top. In addition, it includes product codes, part descriptions, quantities, costs, and additional specifications

  • Shop floor management : With Areterix’s job card feature, operations, and workstations, you can automatically capture daily activities on your shop floor. For example, you can view the real-time status of the job work being done in manufacturing the products, the location of every workstation, assigned workforce, and each work order’s current situation and pending steps — all at a single place.

  • Batched inventory : With Areterix’s integrated inventory, managing batched items are effortless. Its real-time view of product availability maintains each batch’s manufacturing dates, expiry dates, and other details. You can even scan item barcodes with your device camera to quickly search through your stock and make data-driven decisions, which can eventually help to minimize the operational cost.
  • Material resource planning : Whether work order against sales or material requests, Areterix solution will show every aspect of your MRP. Track material consumption to curb expenses and achieve zero wasted resources.
  • Capacity planning : Optimize your workstations based on the workforce available for open production orders. Identify and eliminate bottlenecks at the shop-floor level by creating a capacity plan. You can also maintain and manage planning schedules for a predefined time.

  • Multiple units of measure : Don’t let systems stop you from measuring materials precisely the way you want! Keep track of different units of measurement for your inventory. Set up conversion factors in the Item master itself and facilitate smooth sales, purchase, and stock transactions. The system will handle all conversions.


The Areterix ERP app helps you keep your business moving from anywhere, so you can stay focused on what matters. Access accounts, update projects and quotations and quickly take care of tasks from your phone or tablet.


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