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Why Open-Source ERP Suite the best system for Manufacturing Industry ?

Open-source ERP refers to the software system whose source code is available in the public domain for general purposes. Here, developers can use the software code and configure it to match the diverse business needs. Open-source ERP development is best suited for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) that do not want to overspend on the ERP infrastructure. An open-source, modern cloud manufacturing ERP software simplifies the production cycle, helps track material consumption, exhibits capacity planning handles subcontracting, and more!


Areterix Joins Forces With Odoo To Drive Industry 4.0 Digital Transformation!

Areterix has always excelled in pushing the boundaries of innovation to provide solutions that aid businesses in their digital transformation.

Odoo is a global leader in developing complex ERP systems for businesses.
It is a complete business application suite that includes sales, CRM, project management, warehouse management,