Enterprise Portal Solution for Product Engineering Company
2 August, 2022 by
Maniar Umar


 The client is a leading name in utility material handling equipment for the last 50 years. They have expertise in hydraulic systems and waste disposal vehicles. They do custom automobile bodybuilding for local transportation and agriculture equipment on small and large vehicles


  • The client wanted to create templates of their manufactured products i.e what materials went inside the product during the manufacturing process. With this, they wanted to calculate the cost of parts that went inside the product. A single manufactured product consists of more than 150 unique parts in multiple quantities.
  • The client initially managed their unique part details which are required in their manufacturing process in the excel sheet and tally. The client had an engineering staff of 15 people who used to frequently access these excel files to query different parts.
  • Managing such critical data in the excel sheet hampered the integrity of their data and sometimes resulted in data loss with no tracking history of any changes.
  • The client wanted to build an application that can be used to manage such data that protects data integrity, prevent data loss and is easily searchable, editable and maintains the edit history.


  • Areterix assessed all these challenges and came up with a significant web-based solution that consist of all the important features which included the addition of new parts with a unique part number, searching for parts through various filters, categories and equipment they fit in, editing and maintaining versions and edit history of such parts.
  • The important feature was generating Bills of Materials(BoM) for their products and calculate the cost of manufacturing their product.
  • We also ensured a user-friendly interface of the application to make the process of new parts addition, retrieval and managing existing parts versions easy and convenient.


  • Adding, Searching, maintaining edit and version history of all parts
  • Attaching design files with each part in various formats
  • Generating BoM for products and equipment
  • Printing and Exporting to Excel all these parts details with advanced search criteria
  • Step by Step Flows from generating work order for a customer to generating BoM and calculating the product manufacturing cost.
  • Multi-user access with role base permissions to limit access for various functionalities to the individual users.


  • Major fear of accidental data loss was removed by limiting functionalities to each user
  • Changes can be tracked back to the user who edited any of the fields
  • Quick report of the product manufacturing cost by calculating type and numbers of parts that went into the manufacturing of the product.
  • Quickly view all the history of work orders of an individual customer saving hours of time flipping through physical work-order pages or going through tedious excel sheets.